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We are now manufacturing wings for all types of Formula Cars, Sports Racers and GT.
Our standard inventory can be found in the "Wings" section of our website.

These wings are beautifully made by craftsmen that have been making wings since the 70's and are foam cored, bonded and very strong. Composite and carbon versions are available to order in many variants.

For custom made wings, we can help you choose the length, chord and profile of the wing that best suits the needs of your race car, according to different circuits. We can also re-create that unobtainable vintage or historic wing - an example that we recently made was for a TOJ 205 2- Liter Sports Racer. In many of the classes such as FF2000 we can offer levels of downforce that cannot be obtained with the stock wings supplied by the manufacturer - both low downforce as well as higher.
Take a look at our high speed FF2000 single element wing that was used in Jan 2015 to set a Sebring Lap Record and would be a great choice for Daytona Runoffs.
We also are adding to our accessories such as gurneys, brackets and adjusters.

We also manufacture Wings for GT2, GT3 and GT Lite SCCA cars in a standard configuration. Different profiles and lengths are available for various level of downforce, according to Class, Vehicle weight, track configuration.

Our Springs
inventory comprises now added stiffness rates! Check out what you need, we have it in stock!